Lotus Graphics Services
We are oriental language specialists. Whether you've got a 500-page catalogue, a 10-page newsletter or just a simple advertisement or business card, we will provide you with print-ready or web-ready output in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean.
We also work with dozens of other languages and scripts comprising all the European and Scandinavian languages (including Russian and Greek), as well as Arabic, Farsi, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Gujarati, Urdu, etc., etc. Lotus Graphics & Translations has extensive experience with translation and DTP for projects requiring multiple languages, such as multilingual user guides.
Business Cards
If you're visiting Asia on business then bilingual business cards are absolutely indispensable. They show your potential partners that you're serious, and that you understand and respect their culture. Lotus Graphics specializes in the preparation of culturally appropriate business cards for visitors to China, Japan, and Korea. Going Soon? Our express file service guarantees to have your card ready within 3 days. Of course we can also supply your cards ready-printed if you prefer. Choose from our attractive range of designs (slotting in your logo, if required) or we can copy your existing card design. You can now order and pay for your cards online (using the PayPal secure server).
• Asian Businessds Cards Specialist
Visiting China, Korea or Japan on business or holiday? Have you arranged bilingual business cards for the occasion?

We can supply Chinese, Japanese and Korean business cards within 3-7 working days from your order, please click for more information
Lotus Graphics is your first choice for translations between English and Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Japanese or Korean. Simply call or e-mail us with your enquiry and we will respond immediately with a free quotation. No job is too small or too large. Our translators work exclusively into their native tongue and in their area of specialisation. By drawing from a broad pool of specialists we enable our clients to benefit from the services of translators who can apply up-to-date knowledge of the local situation in their particular market or field, and produce copy on a par with locally published materials.
Desktop Publishing
We have extensive experience in the preparation of manuals and user-guides, promotional and publicity literature, brochures and newsletters… Do you have some written material that you need to publish in Chinese, Japanese or Korean? Perhaps you’re discouraged after realising the amount of money you might have to invest to perform that function in-house? Is this a one-off job that doesn't justify a big investment in multilingual software? Let Lotus Graphics do it for you!
If you want to add oriental text into your desktop publishing application, we will supply an outlined text eps file (in vector format, a graphic representation) for you to plug into your Quark XPress, Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, PhotoShop, InDesign or MS-Word document. This works very well for placing small items of text within PageMaker and Quark documents, but for more extensive translations we work with localized versions of Adobe PageMaker, Illustrator, and Quark Xpress. Our personnel can perform the translation or we can work from a translation that you supply. Either way, we will convert your document into the appropriate language and return the results to you as an electronic file, film, or printed output.
Web Localization
If you've already developed a website in English why not leverage this investment to expand your international web presence by localizing it into Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese or Korean. Lotus Graphics can save your company extra web development costs by utilizing your existing design while dropping in the desired languages. Website localization is the integration of the translation and web design functions. Using the latest technology, we combine these two roles into one seamless process.